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Saudi Aluminium Company is one of the main developers of decorative paints for paint wide which is used in RAL applications. The company is one of the largest certified coatings companies, we are proud to maintain standard quality products. We are happy to offer 10 years of warranty on paint for glass surfaces. It is also possible to treat the Aluminium profiles and Aluminium accessories as well as Aluminium sheets with various wood finishes and marble with a special process called Decoral with Italian technology which was introduced in 1996 as a leader in the Middle East market. During the leap of innovations, we applied the Decoral process to polycarbonate (lexan) which made it unbreakable while maintaining excellent quality durability, flexibility, as well as heat resistance. This product is called DECOSAN and can be formed in domes and pyramids, and get a variety of colours from it. It can also be applied in skylights, swimming pools as well as buildings.


Aluminium sheets, profiles are powder coated and then decorated using a heat-transfer film printed .


This way you get decorative finishes that reproduce natural materials like woodgrain, marble, corten etc.,


Get the finish you prefer on any kind of product: lighting, handrail, furniture, flooring and so on.